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Codifine offers course options for beginners all the way up to advanced developers. The 10 week Onsite Coding Bootcamp is designed for students with little to no prior coding experience and for advanced developers as well.

We code a lot! The daily life at Codifine typically begins with a morning lecture from 9am–10am. This can be on different forms (i.e. code reviews, live coding, guest lectures, group presentations, and so on). The rest of the day is spent on coding (with special break-out sessions on specific topics), group activities and working on projects.

No, and it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career. Our program teaches the most comprehensive and rigorous curriculum in the industry. Learning 3 full stacks of web software in 14 weeks is no easy task.

On the last day of the codifine, we will hold a graduation ceremony for all students. This event is intended to celebrate the accomplishments, career growth, and perseverance of the graduating cohort. After months of coding, it’s a breath of fresh air and a time to relax. Afterward, you will be jumping straight into the job market, which is a new challenge of its own. Graduation day will be held during the last week of the codifine.