About Codifine

We Learned To Like Coding And Offer Our Experience To You

We believe the days of cost arbitrage and low-cost workforce in the IT industry are way behind us. Companies are forced to look for solid talent and are not interested anymore in filling the benches. Each seat counts and the person filling the seat should have a solid understanding of the skill they bring to the table. That’s where codifine can contribute.

Our Story

Codifine is founded by professionals who have a long experience in the Investment Banking industry. Investment Banks are the largest IT companies in the world by budget and complexity as well. Investment Banks have contributed into the technology space immensely also by way of inventing their own programming languages, being a key drivers of innovation in the data storage and analytics space.

We have Learned our lessons in those challenging environments from the early stages of our careers. We feel with the rapid growth of the IT industry depth of skill had taken a back seat. And that scenario is changing fast. PowerPoint warriors are struggling to keep their jobs and companies are looking for specialized skills. With automation on the rise, programming will continue to be a key driver in the job market. But not with shallow skills.

Senthil Nathan Natarajan has seen the rapid growth of the IT industry as a client for the last two decades. And how difficult it has become to find talented people who can take complex challenges and solve them efficiently. He feels the tide is changing and through codifine we can contribute to helping people reach a sure footing on their IT skills and retain their jobs come rain or shine.

We have a solid belief in the need for highly qualified technology people for the near foreseeable future. We are here to share our experience and help learn to reach the heights faster.

Our Story

The Difference

What are we going to do differently?

We are not going to do anything different from how we Learned and applied the skill. Programming is more of common sense is our view.

The rapid rush to mass produce programmers has caused a ripple effect in the value chain – from colleges to IT firms. As the ripple settles down, everyone is still looking for a quickly deployable programmer(s). But the bar on skill level required is higher now.

We have understood that scenario by watching the industry for more than a quarter century now. As we bought services working for big banks the pain of dealing with a “low cost” resource was clear and apparent. We have again long experience in training the resources from scratch(and paying for it).

Our idea is to bring all that experience to the table and develop skills in people so that they are actually deployable from Day one. We are going to do that

  • No free lunch model. There are no guarantees of jobs anymore. Everyone has to earn it
  • Proprietary continuous testing model of learning with a lot of real life practice experiences so that the first live project doesn’t look different
  • Bring in industry leaders to both share and test the learning model
  • Students don’t go out to interviews until we are convinced. Not time bound
  • Continuing support even after graduation

Way Back Then

The journey to codifine is roughly 3 decades old. It started with Senthil Nathan Natarajan learning privately from a highly qualified professional instead of the usual “training centers”. From there to joining a product company as the first professional job was a milestone. There were “client projects” and being a small part of a “large wheel”. And then around the world journey across the (financial) world.

Chennai 🡪 Hong Kong 🡪 New York 🡪 London 🡪 Mumbai 🡪 Chennai

Living and working in 3 different continents is itself an experience of its own. Combine that with the complexity of the financial world it makes an exhilarating ride. The demanding environment of Investment banks shaped Senthil’s thought process and it had an impact in his personal/professional life. He’s now ready to share that journey with the rest of the world.

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No one is born a programmer or an artist. It's our interest and learning that make us who we are. We earned our place in the tech world through passion and hard work.